Commodore Amiga, 1991

My first ever completed game. It was really quite rubbish.

It was a right-to-left scroller because doing it that way seemed easier to code at the time. You had to collect jewels that wouldn't disappear when you collected them because I couldn't work out the graphics code for that. Most of the graphics and some of the music was dire (i.e. the bits I wrote), but there was a nice strobe or two, some of the levels were stupidly difficult and would get quite manic when the speed and strobes were up... Oh and the fonts were.. mm.. fantastic.

It was written in 68000 assembly while under the influence.

Despite all this, it did manage one positive review in a games mag at the time, with the reviewer describing it as 'garish enjoyable mess' or some such - Probably still my biggest achievement.

It was released as 'shareware' and I think I made a tenner off it. Its appearance on youtube doesn't do it justice, but not by much.

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