Three Wings and a Layer Phong
Android, iOS, 2014

Three Wings and a Layer Phong is a mobile/tablet take on the classic Woomph / Space War game, using a touchscreen mechanic and a more puzzle-y theme to replace the old '2-players with joysticks' approach of previous. It took about a week to write (spread out over a few weeks of train journeys) but its a complete little game and can look really quite pretty at times.. no harm done.

Writing 'Woomph' is something I like to do on any new platform - its a nice tightly-defined project that provides an opportunity to get to grips with the nature of the new platform you're working with. Recently (about 2 years too late) I discovered the Marmalade sdk which allows C++ development on mobile devices.. this allowed me to port a load of the existing systems (including the 2d and 3d graphic engines) from my previous games, keeping things familiar (essential when you're making stuff in few and disparate spare-time hours) and giving me access to a whole load of previous effort. (e.g. The models used in Three Wings were made by Fooli for the space part of The Universal).

At some point I need to put it on the mobile stores so people could download it or something.