Almagest - The Woomph Online
Windows PC / DirectX 6.1, 2000

After a fair few years mostly working, drinking, chasing after women and playing subspace (not in that order and generally not at the same time), I started tinkering with DirectX and networking code - wasting many nights pointlessly re-inventing TCP and suchlike. The game only barely worked online but did have a very effective particle system that would produce some really quite pleasant effects on high-end PCs of the time.. Like that bit in the credits to 'Star Trek : Voyager' when the ship (infeasibly) flies through Saturn's rings.

It also introduced the concept of rotating the solar system in 3d in a direction linked inversely to the player's 2d travel vector, which I think was probably one of the most gorgeously sickening things I've ever written.

It was never completed (IIRC because i got drunk and plugged the HDD in upside down or somethin), but I figure it worth noting for posterity's sake.

Oh it's a shame the wayback machine doesn't have an image of the old lighthouse effect any bigger than this :

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