0.71.0 Release Notes

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0.71.0 Release Notes

Post by Mit » Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:11 am

* Big, nasty process of moving all TU stuff to new tech - connecting to the shared 'UserLogin' service and the new Chat service, and started using the shared 'GameCommon' code thats used for other projects
* Broke everything.
* Tweaked various lighting settings ; Added a bit of base ambient to the default lighting setup so there's not quite so much blackness
* New 'Universe Server' (which keeps track of which worlds are active, which should appear on the explore menu and where the player should go to by default etc)
* Changed the global game scale, so that 1.0 = 1m now ; This also involves re-exporting all the existing models at the new scale, hence the local cache location has been moved. It also involves changing a whole bunch of code for things like controls, camera setups, particles, shadow scales and default speeds.
* Added new 'Bullet' physics world ; heightmap added to physics world. (WIP - needs setup) bullet physics vehicle on control mode 26.
* Large amount of code restructuring and tidying.
* Changed vehicle orientation to forward=y- to standardise physics layout across projects
* Fixed problems with the internal timer that sometimes created camera and control jerkiness
* Extended the default far clipping range when using landscape LODs (i.e. you can see further when using *settings -> Landscape -> Culling Mode 1)
* Fix for fog settings not applying correctly to water shader
* Frontend tidyups for small screens
* Pressing left/right arrow immediately cancels destination when in point & click travel mode
* World servers now connect to the common login service to validate owner identity
* Extended the day cycle so skies are lighter earlier and go darker slightly later
* (WIP) Shadow map system (*settings -> graphics -> shadow mode 6) ; looks ok sometimes, looks bad sometimes - need to add cascade system for it to be decent...
* World server now has built in webserver functionality, so you can browse to it and get details about world and player state
* Fix for server crash from script if no parameters are provided to a function that expects em
* Changed script function sysAddToInventory so that it still performs the transaction if the full amount specified cannot be added but a partial amount can (previously it would fail and return 0)
* Added a much simpler method for handling tasks in scripts ; 'task callbacks' - so can do *dotask [playerid] [callbackname] [text] (instead of the 2nd parameter being a number), which subsequently triggers the event ("TaskComplete", "[callbackname]" )
* Added wildlife ai type 7 for a particularly cautious behaviour
* Added script param to *buildingconstruct (so its now *buildingconstruct [player_name],[building_num],[building_name],[param]) which can be accessed in the 'PlaceBuilding' or 'PlaceAnyBuilding' events at $gParam[2]
* Added extra param to osdaddat for supporting tooltip text on images, buttons, etc
* Added *dotaskparam [playername] [callback/code] [param1] [param2] [text]
* Added *dobuildingtaskparam [playername] [buildingnum] [callback/code] [param1] [param2] [text]
* Added *settings->graphics->status screen mode = 8, to show age, cash & 'wisdom'(i.e. kudos) in status panel
* (WIP) Block items
* Changed landscape terrain params structure to allow larger bulge min/range values for larger scale maps
* Added *settings -> Graphics -> Main Menu Display Mode 5, for on-screen inventory with click to use item and a separate extra 'discard items' option
* Going into water now affects speed/friction/acceleration
* Increased limit on number of trees that can be present on a world
* Added new vehicle settings to specifc 'max wheel impact', 'max body impact' and an 'impact damage mod' ; these can be set so that hitting the ground too quickly destroys the vehicle
* Added a skid element to standard (mode 0) vehicle controls
* Death screen UI tidied up a little ; vehicles no longer automatically re-orient themselves after death
* Fixed bgmodel delete options in map editor so they delete single bg models placed using the editor
* Fix for bg model rotations not being applied to collision
* If 'always run' is on (vehicle -> extras 7), holding shift and pressing up will put the player in a 'keep running' state until the down key is pressed
* Switching between inventory and skills on on-screen inventory moved to insert
* Added weapon FIRE=TargetWildlife, used in conjuction with OBJECT=ProjectileWithTarget and RANGE=xxx - projectiles are fired at nearest wildlife and blend towards the target
* Fixed bug that meant weapon ammo items were removed locally twice
* Changed bonus weapon system so that it only removes ammo count when the weapon is actually fired
* Added new autograss type 16 for large clumps
* Added vertex colours and (basic) material/lighting values to the standard shader
* Added *centraltext [player] [text] ; adds a bit of text in the lower middle of the screen, which lasts for a few seconds before fading off
* Moved various bits of text output from the chat window to the centraltext thing (e.g. You have discarded..)
* Changed landscape->autograss setting so it directly controls the amount of grass
* Added cutscene Camera functin cam.RestoreOriginal( [time] )
* Onscreen inventory capacity highlighted when inv is full
* added *setting -> buildings -> building process 14, which is like 7 but level 1 buildings use same item as level 0 for construction
* All building screens now have a wee 'x' exit button at top right
* '[' and ']' on vehicle settings screen change vehicle being edited
* added *setspawnstate [player] [num] command
* added *settings-> world -> Destroyed vehicle effect 18 ; if player's spawn state is 0 the player will respawn at the deafult spawn zone, otherwise they spawn at the nearest town.
* Fixed a few minor memory leaks on the world server
* Added scripted OSD slider
* Params for value control and sliders can now be either | or , separated
* &command can now have a single value parameter passed into the script as $gParam[1] (e.g. &test 1 == Event( "&command", "test" ) { $val = $gParam[1] } )
* Fix for barter screen allowing more cash to be offered than the player has
* Onscreen inventory selection disabled during tasks and when in spectator mode
* moved the current task display to the middle of the screen, 'ctrl -' building access display removed when task is in progress
* Improved the layout of the in-house screen a bit
* changed graphics -> player label mode to 'Text Label Mode'. Building labels now default to off, unless Text Label Mode is 4 or higher. When off, the currently selected building is highlighted with a lil bobbing arrow.
* moved the 'island map is required to use f5' option to Graphics -> Special Menu Modes 10
* added 'Wages handled by script' flag to buildings ed ; this means the default server stuff for paying wages (and firing employees etc) is not run on this building
* added 'always show building label' option to buildings ed
* sysAddBuilding fails if X and Y are both 0 (as this usually indicates a script bug, and we don't really want lots of buildings ending up there by accident)
* *settings -> world -> new player start position = 6, new players always use the default spawn zone
* auto-hide chat console when not used for a while (experimental..)
* fix for passing a array into a function as a param then passing the same array into another function which previously didnt work.
* changed the building access request rate so that its generally quicker but slows down if the player has made a lot of requests in the past 10 seconds
* changed server BillingSave so that saves are requested and enacted no more than once every 10 seconds, rather than always done immediately
* added *settings -> world -> discard item mode ; when 2 or higher objects that are discarded are shown to other people on the world (later it'll be possible to pick up discarded items)
* when a building type is modified using the *changebuilding command (e.g Villa construction in aramathea script) the new building type now has the usual collision exclusion set, to avoid players getting stuck in the building
* fix for mismatch between script set and bdat set construction amounts causing the buildng display to show '-22% complete' (etc) for an under construction building
* added rotation controls to the *buildingconstruct screen
* forget skill & drop items buttons greyed out when player has no skills / items
* fix for cutscene Image.FadeIn / .FadeOut not working
* fix for comments in array assignments with commas in them breaking the array assignment
* fix for script images failing to appear if using a script that doesnt use HTTPSET after using one that does

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Re: 0.71.0 Release Notes

Post by zaroba » Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:46 pm

Looks like Xmas came early :D

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Re: 0.71.0 Release Notes

Post by Mit » Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:13 am

nah for christmas you get TU 2.0 ;]
Nice to see you back around, zar.

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Re: 0.71.0 Release Notes

Post by Lightmun » Fri May 12, 2017 7:21 am

Excuze me, where I could download TU exe from?

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