Patrick Stewart's Lima Head

Lima World

Lima World, much like all worlds, brings forth the Lemur to the heads of Patricks. Though the Lima may be rare, and the head bare, the Lima lives in trees and blows donkey. These words not sense they make, you say, and like the words that sense stop is Lima World.

Warning : The word "Lemur" and the word "Lima" do not mean the same thing. The first is a small, tree-dwelling, nocturnal mammal, the latter, a small, tree-dwelling, nocturnal town in Ohio. Confuse them not, for Partick's head is only so sized.

Forgive the Lima, it knows so little.

Adopt a Lemur

El Lima says: Here I crouch, the lemur me, atop the shiny head of one superior. Head lemur. Head lemur. Don't matter how much you say it, it just don't work.

Patrick says: Please remove your Lemur from my head.

A group of Lemurs sitting around and showing each other their nads.

The full version of Lima World is not yet complete. When it is, it will offer the following stimulating experiences :

  • Interactive Lima Fondling (*** Netscape only. No functional guarantees ***)
  • Spot the Lima Competition
  • Lima Chat
  • Online Lima Shopping (*** Indri Indri Lemur Soundtrack (Real Audio) ***)
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Prunes
  • (Except the last bits which are just fruit)
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