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Where the buffalo roam.
Sheet, man. This place is ficked.
El News Mankey
Contemplating mankey Um, this place aint been touched in ages, and theres tiny virtual cobwebs everywhere. I meen, the man, he was bored one night, ok, senor. Cannot blame the monkey, nooo.

Bad Poetry Button
The 2nd Royal Guards Artillery (Poetry Division)
Lima World
See the Lima, hear it cry.
Mr Thomas Edward Handley
Yegads, Tractors!
The Life of A Tractor and other animals

Emotional Zebra
Fuck me, a zebra Look! Great! The sun! Aww, that's absolutely brilliant that is. Wow, it's so big and yellow. I love the sun soooo much.
El Mankey
A brief word of warning : This site might contain things that may offend, assuming you find them offensive. There are words here that I would be shocked to hear from the mouths of filthy dogs.

Priest, Big Pipe
The Big Pipe Priest sucks truth through the arse of justice.
Much ado about Woomph.

The New Thing I Haven't Written Yet
A new thing I haven't written yet.
The New Thing I Haven't Written Yet
Another new thing I haven't written yet.

The Baboon of Fortune
Another monkey What will come, and what has been, I do not know, and have not seen, and I'm the Baboon of Fortune.

What dis? You should probably be aware that this place is little but a repository for my late-night boredom (mostly circa 1998), so most of the stuff in here is rubbish. I do enjoy myself though, particularly if I've received a nice picture of a monkey or a guy playing an accordian, I need more of those. Or perhaps a donkey, wearing a hat. Or an old woman dancing. Or a sheep in a satchel. Or another monkey. Am i still here?

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